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The Philippines is now the World's Undisputed Partner of WBS*
Last month, we enrolled over 10,000 students again. In May, we hope to match or exceed that record also.This was not achieved by major financial funding or glitzy newspaper advertisements, but by prayers, partnerships, and perseverance. Thanks be to God and to the hundreds of VOLUNTEERS who made this possible.

I recently received a note from Ems Layco, a highly sought-after local volunteer WBS speaker. He attached an email from Lourdes Mary. She used to be one of our active volunteers in Pasay City Church of Christ, and is now in New Zealand. Even abroad, she is still enrolling students, most of whom are professionals in her new home. It is through the efforts of passionate volunteers like Mary and Ems Layco that WBS is making such a difference in Philippine evangelism. It is our prayer that their work and sacrifices will lead hundreds if not thousands of souls to Christ in the coming months and years.

I wish to thank our top individual contributors, partnering churches, and supportive friends, from Manila to Mindanao. We recently trained 73 new WBS trainers last April 29 in southern Philippines, where a growing number of enrollments come from the muslim faith. Dozens of campaigns and seminars are being scheduled throughout the country in the next three months. I am confident in saying that WBS Philippines has taken on a life of its own, and on a national scale. Local churches are taking more ownership and intiative, and are using WBS to evangelize their communities in ways never seen before.

I wish to thank Tex Williams, John Reese, and Dottie Roberts for their trust, support, and encouragement. Special thanks to George Robinson and Ron Pottberg, who introduced me to the WBS Austin office. Thanks to Maimai Lagria who helped blaze the trail early on in Cebu; to Aldous Echegoyen who is efficiently managing our Follow-up Information Flow Office; to Jun Patricio, who opened doors for us in Manila; and to the Baguio mission team, who is special to WBS in so many ways. Many thanks to the countless of brothers and sisters who bought in to the WBS vision and helped reach out to tens of thousands of souls. May this effort bring thousands of souls to Christ, build up existing churches and plant more congregations around the country.

May God bless us all.

Salvador Cariaga


WBS Policy: http://www.philippinechurchesofchrist.org/wbs/wbspolicy.htm

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