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Tony George

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Tony George visited the Philippines as a tourist, taking a break from his busy schedule as an executive of a company he partly owns in Malaysia. Little did he realize that he would be put to work almost every waking hour of his time here. Tony gamely obliged and even distributed WBS flyers in the ship on the way to Mindanao. Tony is a native of Malaysia, but was educated in Enland and the US. He was converted abroad as a student by Toney Coffey and has since been active in the Lord's work. Malaysian churches, though only few, offers the Philippines a model to emulate. Most, if not all of them are self-supporting. His home church, the PJ Church of Christ, even support local and foreign mission works. Tony's stories inspired churches in the Philippines to also become not only self-sufficient, but support other mission work someday. tonyg@tm.net.my

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