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Government Recognitions is bestowed to Sunrise Christian College
By Antonio C. Medroso

Amidst winds of desolation and a handful of discouragements, the Government thru, CHD granted its recognition to Sunrise Christian College at last!

It was April 20, 2005, that the Government through Dr. Joanna B. Cuenca issued to Sunrise Christian College, the permit to operate the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, all with the emphasis on English as its major field of concentration.

What does this mean? Well folks, its either a license and a badge!
A license for Sunrise Christian College to accept enrollees or to operate without legal harm, and of course a badge of validation to be shown whichever part of the Philippines one is; or was; or would be a product of a school, ripened by time and honest effort and dedication of our college President.

With the bestowal of such recognition, at least one could validly say that anything can work for good as long as God is there. We recall all those days of not so long ago; people would almost say in the face of the founding president that he was insane and that he was barking for the moon. Not at all! He was barking for the less fortunate students and for the good work that will result to a better society of people.

The President would just debate in silence and would even strengthen more its passion to deliver what is good and just for people who needed his project by the heart, and would even look days more forward of realizing his dreams of building a school which he knew so well to benefit especially those who were the less fortunate ones.
It was true that there were times of discouragements even to the point of giving up his dream. This happens the most when people painted his intentions with malice and presented it in a canvass of smear campaign, flatly because his way as the founding president and the Genesis of the plan was not the way others would want it to be.

Good that the President, having a natural flair of a pure spirited person and a man of vision just went on day by day like a stone- cutter slowly hammering away the rock of his vision. Perhaps not just like a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split into two, and he knew it was not that blow that did it - but all that were done before. Brethren, Believers and dreamers; It was not the President who did it alone but the greatest reality of the need to educate men especially the less fortunate ones.
Thank God for the Government Recognitions!

Its another step to progress. One step at a time is one of SCCs Trademark to an steady growth in facilities and forward a strong and standard education in Christian atmosphere that might help correct the ills of our corrupt society is our college presidents way of working his dreams come true.