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How to register your congregation with the SEC.

When we visited the office of the DSWD and asked the requirements for applying the permit to operate Day Care center, the number 1 they asked was the Church Registration. We Started processed the papers for SEC Registration last week of November and we just got the registry No. today Feb.02. Before we went to SEC office, they required us to do the FF. (online Name Reservations, sa Internet cafe )

1.Go to www.sec.gov.ph
2.Click online transactions
3.Select Reservation
6.Sign up,Create your user name and password
7. Accept terms and Conditions
8.Select type of Company
9.Select Type of Industry
10.Verify Company Name
11.Review User Profile
12. Reserve Company Name (Choose 30,60 or 90 days)
13. Review Reservation Summary
14.Print Reservation notice (2 Copies)
15. Pay to SEC within 4 days ( Sat,Sun & Holidays Included
16. Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and supporting documents must be submitted AND approved within the reservation period.

This Registration is very useful as we transact to the Government agencies- NSO (Aplication for Solemnizing officers, DSWD, having a Church dry seal for our Baptismal Certificate and other papers, Bldg. permit,Telephone,Electricity,MCW in the name of the Church, and others) Hoping that you consider this in your list of plans.

Elmer Palacio
Church Planter
Babag Church of Christ



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