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News                  Vol.20

New Church Planting Work in Tarlac City

This is in reply to the requested results of our mission in Tarlac City for PCC publications. We thank you for that request. † Rejoice with us!† The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ was sown in the heart of many precious souls through World Bible School correspondence courses, Home Bible Studies, religious tracts distributions, personal prayers and encouragements. Many attended our Sunday Bible classes and worship services.† Finally, last February 5, 2005, we baptized into Christ for the remissions of sins the following:† Pamela Cruz, Stephanie Liwanag and Gerald Medina. † On February 12, 2005, another 3 were baptized, they are:† Edwin Medina, Maria Alyssa Cabalu and Sarah Jane Cabalu.† These are from Paroba 2, Tibag, Tarlac City.† On March 5, the grandmother of Stephanie Liwanag, Mrs. Pacita Bernabe, 79 yrs old, also responded and was baptized.† On March 12, Mrs. Pacita Bernabe encouraged her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Rose Bernabe, to accept the gospel of Christ, which she gladly heeded the call and was baptized that day. † We glorify the power of the Word of God.† We are grateful we can be of service in the preaching and teaching of the gospel.† We desire to give our best so many can find their places in the Kingdom of God. † We give thanks to many concerned Christians who came from Region I, Region 2 and Region 3 to Tarlac City and helped in massive campaigns which resulted to enrollments of students to WBS, tracts distributions, home Bible studies and publications of our worship services.†† We desire to continue with the mission work. † We are extremely happy for these precious souls responding at the right time! †May Almighty God continue to help us in propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Tarlac City.† Please remember us in your most devoted prayers. Editorís note: Felix and Loyola Bravo came back to the Philippines after living in USA for several years and getting their US citizenship. Although they are already in their late 60ís, they came back to the Philippines and personally pioneered a church planting work with very little monetary support. Praise God for dedicated workers like them.



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