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News                  Vol.20

New Philippine WBS Coordinator
By Salvador Cariaga

Alex Coloma, a church planter and mission team leader in Baguio has recently been appointed the Philippine WBS coordinator with the approval of WBS Austin. Although WBS is not a centralized organization and anyone can serve as a coordinator, Alex is now coordinating the largest network of WBS volunteers in Asia. Anyone can still work as an independent coordinator and the Austin WBS office will network with anyone, anywhere; however, the Baguio office will now serve as the main contact of WBS in the Philippines. They now hold the current, past and future data base of student enrollment and volunteer workers.
Last year, Alex and his team contributed greatly to the Philippines record enrollment of 101,000 plus WBS students. He is an effective leader, mentor, and partners well with others. He also leads a ministry that trains two dozen local missionaries and will be involved in planting churches all over the country. Recently, under the leadership of Alex, Sharon Gonzalez was sponsored by the Pasir Panjang Church of Christ in Singapore to promote WBS in Singapore and Malaysia. You may contact Alex at
I will now serve as an independent WBS coordinator and will service WBS teachers directly, especially those who support our work in the Philippines. I will work with Alex and help him in anyway I can. He has been chosen to lead our Philippine network because he is a capable and competent leader who has proven himself well in the last few years. He has my blessing and full support.



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