Philippine Church of Christ Directory on the Internet
Philippine Christian Chronicle is starting a first in the national brotherhood: listing of churches on the web. This will enable Christians from all over the Philippines and around the world to instantly access information about the churches in this country. We were the first to publish a listing of Philippine churches of Christ in almost 25 years (in print four years ago) and now this web listing will allow us to contact and communicate with each other faster and more efficiently. It also lists email addresses, telephones and cell phone numbers of individuals as well as churches directory. This will later on be followed with websites of Christians, churches, and organizations with in the church. It will be a source of information that will serve the Lords work anytime anywhere in many ways.

The also lists US missionaries and information about their work, brotherhood preaching schools and training institutions, most up to date events and headline news in the brotherhood, and links to other sites like the Philippine Christian Chronicle. The directory took years of collecting, correcting, and coordinating with the brethren all over the country. It is with great pleasure and appreciation that we thank as many as possible for their contribution to this effort by sharing their list or correcting our collected lists: Ruel Eroma, Elmer & Reuben Emperado, Bonifacio Patricio, Gabriel & Felix Bravo, David, Felipe & Roman Cariaga, Jeff Shelton, Bob Buchanan, Danni Devera, and many others that may have forgotten (Im sorry folks). Salvador Cariaga