The young people has always been the most receptive and most promising group in the field of evangelism. they are easily attracted to a cheerful and caring company where they can express themselves and feel the sense of belongingness. to meet this need-last week February10,2005-we organized a bonfire fellowship every wednesdday evening in one of the open area of Bliss Tagaytay. the activity usually composed of getting to know each other program aling with simple snack and devotional. it started with 13 attendance that eventually increased by referrals and invitation. after a couple of meetings, we decided to implement a small group (cell) system composed of 4 members each that will meet twice a week. this is to have a closer interaction between the mission partners as their leader and the unchurched youngsters. later, after four (4) meeting with them, six young souls were baptized and are currently actively joining church activities.



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