By: Babes Villanueva

The setting was a cold January 27-28 in the little of town of Tagaytay on the southern part of Cavite. It happened to be on a Thursday and Friday when the workers held the first WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL campaign. It was hard for the team to hold this kind of activity, because we were running out of budget, but we believed that God will take care of everything.

This two-day activity had been planed for almost one month; the overall chairman for this is Bro. Ems. Dadz and Shon prepared materials for the said activity. Rio and Jeff prepared the place where the workers stayed for almost 2days.

For the first day, we have an attendance of 38 from different congregations, from Marikina, Dasmarinas, Cabanatuan, Cubao, Imus and Indang. It was very exciting. Almost all workers wore WBS shirts, took fliers and were ready to go for on site enrolment. Everybody was so tired. The campaign continued in the City Hospital. We saw the face of each patient - the happiness that nobody could explain. We sang spiritual and encouraging songs for the patients and even prayed for them. In addition, most of the patients were enrolled in WBS. The over all enrollees for the first day activity is 145 and 7 of them was scheduled for Bible Study. Everybody was so excited to do work for the second day. One of the elders of Legacy church of Christ- Bro. JC Bailey- helped us during our second day activity. There were 43 workers that day and we decided to divide the group so that some went to school and some did knock in houses for direct enrollment and hand over tracks. Again, after the campaign we gathered at one place for a sharing time. Many related their experiences about the said campaign. We have a total of 186 enrollees for that day alone. Thanks God the campaign was so successful for the church planting. This, I believe is one of the best way of getting prospect for Bible Studies.



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