The Embryonic Beginning

In the year 2000, the 3rd Philippine Mission Forum (PMF) was held in the towering city of Baguio. Preachers from sister congregations nationwide attended the occasion. It was this time that Tagaytay was first conceived when Manila and Cavite brethren nominated it as one of the next target of church planting site. A year later, Brother Jun Patricio introduced the Tagaytay vision to Brother Salvador Cariaga. But it was not given much priority that time. Despite all that, the brethren in Manila and Cavite managed to visit Tagaytay to do evangelism work during their convenient time. They just cant help falling in love with the beauty and perfect site of Tagaytay for great mission dreams. The brethren we can remember who spearheaded initial work in the Tagaytay are Bonifacio Patricio (Manila), Nepthali Sico (Cavite), Bert Patricio (Cavite), Bert Tupas (Caloocan) and their associates who gave a share in door knocking and tracts (Old WBS) distributions. Tagaytay has always been in top five church planting site in the succeeding PMF. And it was only this year that the work has been formalized and realized, by Gods grace.

Brother Emmanuel Layco (key facilitator) and family, moved in Tagaytay last December 28,2004. Two weeks later the 6 Mission Training Partners (MTP) batch 1 arrived to join. The regular work started last January 18,2005 and the 1st two weeks were spent on networking, prospecting and successive World Bible School door Knocking Campaign. The work was blessed also with the encouraging sessions the team had with their mentors and financial partners last January 19,2005. They were Bro. Salvador Cariaga, Dr. John Bailey and other brethren from Legacy Church Of Christ, Texas like Elder Bill Baker and William " Skip" Jones.



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