Somewhere I Belong
Sarsi Sesma

I am raise in a belief of Catholics. One day I meet a group of a person who had knock on our door and is looking for my older sister Zhyra. I talk to them and tell them that shes not home but the funny thing here is that I let them in and talk to them what do they want from my sister. They told me she enrolled in World Bible School, I was laughing then because I know I had new things to tease her of. After they had explained to me what this WBS Correspondence Course is, they offered me to enroll myself which I greatly accepted and fill-up the form. I dont know what motives me then but all I know God had really work on me that day because when they told me that they would visit me once I week I feel Im bless to have new friends.

The second time they visit us. My sister is at home and she also meets the group. We had a Bible sharing and I learn to appreciate it because its only then that I was given a chance to scrutinize the writings in the Bible. I was taught how to use the Bible I should say. We had a step by step lesson and then finally we came to the most crucial lesson the Baptism. When I first heard of this word I thought I knew all about it but I am wrong because all the things they had shared to me about this word are new to me. And when I told them that I am already baptized when I was a baby, they patiently explain to me that my baptism then was useless because I am just an innocent baby who had not committed any transgression.

March 19, 2005 I decided to be baptized and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and King. This day was the happiest day in my life. Knowing Jesus is rare chance in this sinful and confusing world. I am also happy that I had found the true church that the Lord had built. Now I am a co-heir of the kingdom of the Lord. I am an adopted child of the Almighty Father. I belong to the family of God.




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