Charity Fay

When I first met her with Bro. John in Baguio City, I was struck by her being so gorgeous despite her age. She wore a simple dress without any expensive accessory, as far as I could remember, yet she was really attractive that I couldnt help staring at her from a distance (I know how impolite it is to stare at somebody so I did it inconspicuously). after her talk on parenting, I waste no time in knowing her. She was smiling radiantly as I approach her which drove me to embrace her as if I have known her for years. To my surprise, she hugged me too. I looked at her and felt her loving gaze. Her eyes were full of love and mystery which urged me to probe her being.

What I found out is a precious gem beyond compare. Yes, I consider her a treasure for rare is a sister just like her. From the time we met, I knew that something special is going on between us. It was so unique and inexpressible. But I knew that it would bind us both, as a mother and daughter in the Lord.

Indeed, she became my second mom who taught me many things. Her letters are filled with
godly counsel for my better good which I deem worthy for my spiritual growth. She is my confidante whom I trusted so much. Most of all, she is my best friend whom I highly admire and respect for she is an epitome of the wife in Proverbs 31.

Every time she visits us in our lowly home, joy suffused my whole self for she is so caring and kind. She is not pretentious with her dealings even when she is in a tough situation. She handles controversial issues really well in a professional way. Even when she needs to be candid for someone whos mean, she does it tactfully and courteously. Hence, sisters in Baguio City, have a high regard for her.

She is truly rosy. She exudes optimism against all odds. She finds joy in small things for she is easy to please. When she loves, she loves authentically.

My dear Rose, I long to see you once again. I love you so much. Thank you for making life better for me. Thank you for loving me, despite of who I am. I hope and pray to carry this out to others for you its your legacy. May God bless you, brother John and your loved ones, always.



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