Jennifer Layco

Bro. John McMillan spent the Saturday night with us in our humble home, then, he spoke before the assembly the following day. He specifically explained how Gods grace works in our lives as Christians receiving grace means doing more for the Lord, instead of doing less. He said that when we acknowledge Gods grace, this will fire us to accomplish beyond the mediocre.

The Tagaytay Mission Team had the chance to listen to his counsel which was centered on commitment and devotion to the ministry catch the faith, love God and pass this love on. He also emphasized that having a simple life is also living abundantly depending on our focus as Christians.

Of course, he presented the vision, mission, dreams and the programs of Western Christian College and High School. He encouraged and invited everyone who is interested to participate in such an endeavor.

Though I spent a few hours with him, I know that he is a man of character. I have just known him for a very short time, but there were things he did that awed me:

First, he got the simple welcome note I placed at the table in the room where he slept. I just wrote that to tell him how honored we were to have him as our guest, yet, when I found the note gone and was replaced with a gratitude card I was truly moved.

Second, he was so humble and very appreciative of the services we offered no matter how simple they were. I know how our standard of living is much much below theirs, yet, he never showed any discomfort. Instead, he acknowledged every little thing that was done for him. Its awesome to have guests like him a vice chancellor who is down-to-earth.

Third, the breakfast we served was a simple Filipino dish. He ate it without any sign of hesitation. And the best part that he did, he appreciated it in his gratitude card.

Finally, I felt so comfortable the first time I met him. There was no feeling of timidity for I felt that he was a great guest (and he was, indeed).

Bro. John, thank you so much for visiting us. Though we did not spend much time together, the memory you left with us will inspire us always in the Lords work. May God bless you, sister Carolyn and your school. Hope to see you, once again, in the future.




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