The Logo: Design and Meaning
By: Emmanuel Layco

The life of a person gains its meaning upon having the knowledge of TRUTH found in the Bible. The Bible is the precious book that serves as inspiration, foundation and guide of the believers.

Upon having the knowledge of truth, one must obey and receive the Grace of God through Baptism. This is represented by the water at the lower half of the circle of the logo. Having done that, the Christian pilgrim for eternity now starts.

The top part of the circle signifies Christ as the Sun, the source of our energy and the rays as ourselves, being the light of the world. The sunrays remind us that we need to extend the Good News and the righteousness of God into our own Jerusalem.

The Bible teaches us that life is not easy and that we need to draw nearer to God through our persistency in prayer as depicted by the pair of purple curving objects on both sides.

The vertical cross pictures our divine relationship with God as well as our path to eternal life.




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