By: Jeffrey Libatique

We, The Tagaytay Mission Team (TMT) had adopted the cell group system. The system is applied to organize the Midweek devotionals. And with the help of this system, each group has a scheduled time for Bible Study.

There are 5 cell groups. In every cell group, there is one missionary training partner (MTP) appointed as a leader or a facilitator. The leaders or facilitators are Shondell Mark Valdez, Dadz Corpuz, Babes Villanueva, Rowena Obra, and Jeffrey Libatique.The members of the cell groups are high school and college students. The over all sum of all the group members is 17.

In Shondells group which is named The Angels -have 5 members in which 3 members had been baptized. For Dadz group, there are 2 active members, namely Sarsi and Aiza.These 2 are inviting their friends to attend in gatherings like Bible studies, midweek devotionals and Sunday worship.In Jeffreys group namely Gigsters - have 2 active members; they are Saira and Rose who have been baptized too. For Babes group, there are 6 members and as of now they are active in attending ministries. Babes cell group meet during Monday afternoon but her group keeps visiting our place everyday afternoon. For Rowenas group, there are members and they are Remie and Joseph. At this moment, Rowena said that shes still on the process of building their commitments and getting them involve with the work here in Tagaytay.

So far, all members are having a good fellowship with one another but others are still adjusting to the new environment or place that they have in the church.Bible studies are still ongoing on each group, and some of the parents of the members are also being visited to have Bible Studies too. We hope that soon there will be more members and converts as we work on our cell groups.



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