Our work here in Tagaytay had recently had its first fruit. We had first three baptisms last 14 of March which were held in a falls called Ambon-ambon. The three souls were Joseph, Saira and Rose. These young people are zealous in learning the word of God and so after they had understood of the necessity to let Jesus dwell within their soul, they decided to accept the gift which He offers and obey His command. Few days later, 17 of March another two souls were immersed in West Coast Hill pool, they are Jackelyn and Marlon, these two young people which I personally had a study with are really searching for the true church which the bible teaches. The fact that they are only high school student, they had the desire to study and learn more about Jesus and his Church. Lastly, these 19 of March, Sarsi was baptized in Talisay, Batangas a half an hour drive lake from Tagaytay City. April 10, 2005 a baptism was also held in West Coast pool by Jeff with Narcisa P. Manguinao.

The prospect is being visit every Tuesday and Thursday each week and she decided to accept Christ as her personal Savior and Lord at the mention date. In that same day nine others were baptized in Ambon-Ambon falls. They are young people whom we had study with for at least a month. They are Allan, Mark, Jerome, Arnel, Romnick, Dennis, Maricris, Maricel, Niño. This young people are trained to be the future leader of the church here in Tagaytay for at this point in time they are displaying good qualities of a future leader. Despite the hardship of going into the said falls their excited spirit was never indolent in obeying the will of the Lord. They are young and full of energy; they had set in their hearts the advice of Ecclesiastes 12: 1. Now our Church where in Tagaytay has its young people who are actively participating in all the current activity the Church is holding. It is in vision of the mission here in this place that this young generation be the sturdy pioneers of the Church. And may the Lord God continually give blessing for the success of the church planting here in Tagaytay. Amen.




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