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Solemnizing Officers Convention
by Elmer Palacio

Elmer Palacio has been attending government sponsored seminars for solemnizing ministers. Among the recent government sponsored national seminar in Bacolod, he was the only one representing the churches of Christ. If you wish to know more about latest marriage and wedding laws, please click below for his article or write to him at palacio74@yahoo.com

The 5th NATIONAL CONVENTION OF SOLEMNIZING OFFICERS will be held in Cagayan de Oro City on October 9-11,2007. I got the circular letter from the National Statistics Office (NSO) Region VII. Atty. LILIA B. TANDOC, the Regional Director is expecting numbers of solemnizing officers to join the seminar.

The NSO Manila also informed me this morning (phone). The possible Topics to be discussed are very interesting:

a. The revised implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for Solemnizing officers;

b. The new system and procedures in the registration of authority to solemnize marriage;

c. Revised marriage forms

d. Solemnizing Officers information and other issues concerning marriage.

Convention Fee is P 3,600.00 per participant that will cover the expenses for the venue, materials and other related expenses. Hoping you can send a representative to attend.

Elmer Palacio palacio74@yahoo.com




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