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by Elmer Palacio


The promulgation of the administrative order no.2 series of 2005 encouraged me to share this concern to our preachers/ministers from Visayas. The said administrative order contains the NEW rules and regulations including the NEW registration procedures governing the registration of Authority to solemnizing marriage of solemnizing officers and shall be implemented in January 2006.

It was my second time to attend the NATIONAL CONVENTION FOR THE SOLEMNIZING OFFICERS. The 3rd NCSO was held in Tagaytay City on August 5-7, 2003, with the theme: "KASAL, REHISTRO at MATATAG NA PAMILYA". Out of the nineteen delegates from Cebu Province, I was the only one who represented the religious group, five were local government officials, while there were thirteen delegates from the Civil Registrar. It was a very interesting convention because we focused on marriage laws, registration procedures, the effect of Republic act 9048, an act authorizing the city/municipal civil registrar of consul general to correct a clerical or typographical error in an entry and/or change of first name or nickname in the civil registrar without need of a judicial order; and other important issues and concerns related to statistic office.

The 4NCSO was held on August 9-11, 2005 in Bacolod City with the theme: "PANGALAN KO, KARAPATAN KO". It still focused on the new rules, procedures and regulations in registering marriages, the registration of the authority to solemnize marriage, the CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) as one of the requirements in legitimating a child and issues and concerns related to marriage registration. It was mandated to each Solemnizing officers including the mayors, judges and civil registrars; that after almost 17 years they find it appropriate to amend administrative order no.1 series of 1988 to FURTHER improve the services it renders to the Solemnizing officers. One Thousand and Seventy delegates attended the said 4NCSO in Bacolod City. Speakers were from lawyers and people from the Department of Justice, and from the National Statistic Office.

The NSO-OCRG (National Statistic Office -Office of the Civil Registrar General) approved that the application for the registration of the authority to solemnize marriage of a Solemnizing Officer, whether a new applicant or renewal, he/she shall comply with the following requirements:
a.) Proof of attendance in a one day orientation seminar conducted by NSO for Solemnizing Officers. A separate guidelines shall be issued to this effect;
b.) Certified true copy of his/her certificate of live Birth;
c.) Accomplished application form (OCRG SO form no.1) in triplicate copies, subscribed and sworn to before a person authorized to administer oath with affixed documentary stamp;
d.) Two by two colored I D pictures with white background and with signatures at the back taken not less than a month ago from the date of application. Picture should not be computer generated to preserve its authenticity. In case the person is using glasses, it should be removed to have a clear image of the person;
e.) A machine copy of appointment as Priest, Head, Founder, Bishop, Pastor and Minister of the religion or religious sect;
f.) Proper endorsement/designation/recommendation from the head of the religion or religious sect to mention: The full name, nationality, complete address, location of the Church temple or chapel where the applicant regularly perform rites and indicate the extent of his territorial jurisdiction;
g.) In case the applicant is the head/bishop/president/founder of the religion or religious sect, an endorsement or recommendation from the board of trustees/directors or Church council;
h.) In case there is no Board of Directors/Trustees, the head/bishop/founder/president of the religion/religious sect shall submit a sworn statement duly notarized;
i.) In case the applicant is a citizen of a foreign country, he shall submit his Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR) issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation (CID);
j.) Sworn statement containing brief history of the religion/religious sect and the list of 200 bonafide active members stating therein their complete address and signed by the members;
k.) A certified certificate of registration, articles of incorporations and by laws, and updated General information Sheet (G.I.S) issued by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC);
l.) Certified True Copy of Ordination issued by their respective Church; and
m.) Payment of Registration. (paper presented 4NCSO-Bacolod City, page 4-5 by Editha R. Orcilla)

To my fellow Ministers, who have not yet applied for the Authority to solemnize marriage, I am hoping that we can see the value of this responsibility. Let us help our brethren by informing them about the NEW rules, procedures and other legal matters related to the Statistics office. The 5NCSO will be on 2007, For more information you can contact: Editha R. Orcilla- Chief-Document Management Division-NSO email; E.orcilla@census.gov.ph or Lourdes J. Hufana-Director, Civil Registration Department-NSO Tel. No. (02) 926-73-33. Or proceed to the NSO-Regional office in your place.

Purok Five Star, Babag II, Lapu-Lapu City
6015 Cebu, Philippines


Elmer Palacio has been attending government sponsored seminars for solemnizing ministers. In the recent government sponsored national seminar in Bacolod, he was the only one representing the churches of Christ. He is scheduled to attend again the one in Cagayan De Oro City this year. If you wish to know more about latest marriage and wedding laws, please click below for his article or write to him at palacio74@yahoo.com


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