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Report From Sri Lanka

By Salvador Cariaga

Im in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Yesterday, I took a final look at the effects of the tsunami. I went to the site where a train was derailed and killed over 1000 passengers. The train was not even close to the shore. Maybe 800 yards or more away. It took it off the tracts and left crumpled several yards away. The tracks itself looked more like a fleeing snake, instead of a straight line. Rows and rows of houses used to hug the shore lines from Colombo to Galle. Now they look like neat campsites, replaced by brand new colorful tents next to ruined brick buildings or bare cement floors.

I met one girl whose entire family were killed. She either cannot talk or was too shy to say anything. Several times, I took long walks in their beautiful sandy beach. Not once did I see a native swimming. Many times, I find them standing and just staring at the sea.

My prayer is for them and the good workers I leave behind.

Am getting ready to leave the country now. I have done my job here and it is ti

tors, nurses, preachers and worked at a new site together. My only regret is that this was not done sooner. At least I leave behind knowing that God has worked things out for us.

I also feel good about the WBS mission here. I got bundles of WBS flyers in the hands of the local preachers. They know what to do with them and will ask more when they run out. Am now on my way to Singapore and will meet with more church workers there regarding WBS.
This has been a worthy trip for me personally. I got to do what I came here for and learned a lot in the process.

My next relief trip will be Indonesia.

In His Service,

Salvador Cariaga


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