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Mamerto Duque, a young good looking man from Samar and who is a WBS student was baptized last Feb.5 in Taguig by Makati brethren . He was referred to us by WBS Cebu (Salvador), after he texted to be enrolled. He saw a sticker advertising WBS in one of the passenger jeeps he took while doing his job as a delivery/collector man of a flower shop. This writer invited him to the services of the Makati City Church of Christ which he did the following Sunday after he was contacted. Since then he came to worship services off and on.
One day, we received a notice from his WBS teacher, Ruth Orr, via Alex Coloma of Baguio, informing us that a certain Mamerto Rivera Duque who lives in Bgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City, wants to be baptized. Without realizing that this is the same WBS student who has been coming to worship in Makati, this writer asked brother Willie Franco of Lagro Quezon City to do the follow up. Well, he didnt find him there. Mamerto works and is a stay-in in Manila. So, through text he was contacted again and showed up in Makati. After some more exhortations his baptism was finally scheduled. He attends the Makati City Church of Christ and is asked to serve in the youth and children ministry. Francisco and Myrna Pratts, brother-in-law and sister of bro. Vic Echegoyen, were finally baptized on Feb.19,2006. It was reported that they wanted to be baptized earlier but were hindered by work and sickness. Before that beautiful day of their baptism, bro. and sister Echegoyen had arranged for some of the Makati brethren to visit and have Bible studies in the couples home. This was done a few times last year. They had decided then to be baptized but Mr. Pratts thought it would be good to wait later to be baptized because of his illness. On Feb.19, they attended the worship services of the Makati City Church of Christ and their baptism was set in the afternoon.

One more precious soul was baptized in Las Pinas. Susie Ramos was baptized on Feb.9 by bro. Ruben Arnaiz.

Love, Courtship and Marriage Seminar this year was held at Camp Jebez, Dasmarinas, Cavite.
Lectures started at around 9Am, even before late comers arrived. Topics discussed were of course about Love, about courtship and about Marriage. Brethren, Ems LAyco, Sam Abenoja, and Neph Sico were the lecturers.
It was arranged by churches in the area.

The first Sport Fest of the churches of Christ youth happened in Camp Jabez, Dasmarinas Cavite on February 25, after the L.C.M. seminar on the same day. About 120 young men and women registered for the event which was hosted by the Cavite churches of Christ.

Makati congregation saw the need of having new benches for the growing number of children attending Sunday school in the morning and in the afternoon. And so palochina were purchased and the late bro. Allan Julian built the first bench the day before he was ill. Brethren Ian Fuentes and Jun P. finished the job the following day.

New table and chairs were also built by Las Pinas brethren to meet their needs for Fellowship lunch and for childrens class.
Brethren, Paro Nueva and Ruben Arnaiz are the carpenters.

Churches of Christ mobilized own forces to help countrymen affected by the mudslide in Guinsaugon, St. Bernard, So. Leyte. By the time this writer has suggested to the MARCH president, Chito Cusi that it is good for March for Christ Medical Mission to go to Leyte, an initial plan was already going on and this writer was immediately listed to join. Unfortunately, this writer didnt join the first trip of volunteers because he has to hold the fort in Makati. Allan Julian the full-time preacher was already sick then. More missions are scheduled. This writer hopes to join in the near future.

Salawag Church of Christ pays her monthly amortization last Feb.14, after many years of failing to do so. Arrears soared up and its good that U.S. brethren came to the rescue.
Now, the congregation has to pay the monthly amortization religiously or face the same problem in the future. With the help of all the concerned members this will not happen again.


After l6 years and months, our brother Agustin Sotto, who used to lead the church inside N.B.P is again a freeman. He was freed on parole on March 6.We are praying that he will be used by the Lord for His cause. More news about him later.

Allan Julian, my co-worker/preacher, and is the full-time preacher of Makati City congregation passed away on March 7, after undergoing an expensive and painful three times operation at the Manila Doctors hospital in Manila. He was hospitalized for more than two weeks. And most of those days were spent at the I.C.U. Everyone was praying and hoping that he will survive the hospital ordeal but he never did. His remains were laid at the Sto. Nino Murtuary where brethren, friends, and relatives had vigil (wake) for a week. His body was buried at the Heritage Memorial Park, Ft. Bonifacio, Makati City.He left a wife and eight children. We are still in the process of paying hospital bills. We are raising PhP190.00. Any help will be appreciated.

Rogelio Dodong Velazquez of the Salawag congregation died March 14, a week after Allan Julian died. (In both instances, this writer was in their death bed).
Dodong was sick of Lymphoma and was under medication. He already had one chemotheraphy. On Monday, before his death, he reported to work hoping to get his salary but he was brought to the emergency room of the Phil.General Hospital. He died the next day. He left a wife and three young kids.
We are grateful for a couple who shoulder the expenses for the mean time.
N.B. Filipinos hold a nightly vigil or wake until the body is buried. So we had nightly devotionals.

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