I am very happy to share with you the plans and future of Mactan Congregation for 2006. The church leaders are so positive about this and 95% of the members are willing to support the vision of Mactan this year. All of our ministries are active and getting on fire now with God's help and grace. I thank God for my partners, Dadz Corpuz and Lief MarkUsaraga, and the church leaders as well as the active and supportive members of this congregation. Praise God!!




Lief Mark UsaragaI (Music Ministry)
would like to share with you the success of the Praise team and youth here in Mactan church of Christ with the help of our Almighty God and the church leaders here. I am proud to introduce also my partners, Bro. Aldous who is my mentor and church minister here, and Bro. Dadz Corpus who is the youth minister. They are my partners who have been supporting me since the day i started my work as worship and music minister here.


Diosdado Corpuz (Youth Minister)



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