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Have you ever considered helping a child? If you have, please consider helping one of these children.

Sponsor a child or two and help insure their future for $200.00 a year.

These are smart children with so many talents to share. They are our future Godly leaders.

Aton, Alyzza C.
,5 years old, Kinder 1

Alyzza is smart child. She has been reading since age 4. Her father has worked as a fisherman while her mother is a homemaker


Osano, Catherine M.
, 5 years old, Kinder I

Cathy, as she is fondly called, is witty. She is a group leader.
Her father works as a draftsman for the church while her mother is a cook in their small canteen.


Regalado, Janita C.
, 7 years old, Grade I

Janita is a consistent honor student.
She has been a recipient of the Academics Excellence Award since pre-school. Her mother is a single parent who works for survival.

Regalado, Janna Mae
, 3 years old, Nursery II

Jam-jam has all it takes to become like her sister, Janita. Her mother is a single parent who works for survival.


Sausa, Sheilah I., 4 years old, Kinder II

Sheilah is a small package of potential. Both of her parents are active members of the church who work as canteen keepers in the school.



If you want to know more of them, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will send you the profile. Just specify the name of the child you want to help.

Thank you and God bless.

Respectfully yours,

Teacher Bernadeth Lagria-Cal

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