Philippine Churches
of Christ

Stories of New Members

A family of singers- that's who Erlinda(mother), and daughters Leah, Joy, and Janice are known in this little congregation now. It was only September when all of them received the Lord thru baptism. Now, they even have 2 refrerrals- that of couples Franklin and Juliet; and, Nelsa and kids Jeffrey and Melody. We are very optimistic given the assistance of this family that soon they will also receive Christ.

Now, Erlinda's son also received Christ after hearing the gospel and after so much encouragement from family. Nonoy, who was baptized later than his family members now joins the youth group along with a recent convert, Terence, sophomore nursing student. Since these youngsters happen to llive in one area, one could only imagine possible growth in the work in this "purok" or zone. Terence leads prayer for offering in Church.

During WBS distribution, Kuya Wayne and I got across Liza, a confused mother of a first grader. She was very interested during the first meeting and inspite of discouragements, accepted Christ. She too displays the potential of witnessing others for Christ.

April, UP Cebu graduating student learned about Christ thru his professor, a bro. in the faith, Bro. Robert Roxas. She's been endorsed to us to assist her thru the local Church. This young lady has the potential. Smart and spiritually inclined, I hope to include her among the roster of potential leaders for the youth group.

They were found. God helped us find them, or thru others they sought and found or were sought and found, but above all these incidents manifests God's grace and power. We thank the Lord, because these people were persuaded not by anything else but by the Word of God preached.

It is our prayer that God carries us through even in this sometimes toilsome but otherwise enriching, fulfilling, and worth life-giving work called ministry.

Talisay WBS Campaigners