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The Talisay dental mission with John Bailey from Texas took place at Sitio Didos. This area of town is elevated and near the river that flows from the mountains down to the coast at Talisay. We have had a Saturday evening Bible study in this neighborhood for several months, which has resulted in six baptisms. We have also encountered some resistance from some of the residents, who have pressured some of the converts to quit their association with us. Our hope and prayer is that the dental mission will soften those hearts who have opposed us.

We had Doctor Bailey set up to do his work in a large gazebo in the neighborhood. The gazebo has a concrete floor and benches on all four sides, which were very useful for laying out dental equipment. Doctor Bailey served a total of 28 patients from about 9 am to 4 pm. Most of them needed to have a tooth extracted. Stooping over patients and working on their teeth created quite a strain on Doctor Baileys back and arms, but the dedicated dentist treated all patients who came. When he was done, his fatigue was evident, and three of the volunteer helpers treated him to a much needed back, shoulder and arm massage. Doctor Bailey was impressed with the behavior of the children who came to see him. None of them acted out or cried, which is something that he says is common in most other places.

Doctor Bailey was assisted by Armi Capalaran, a volunteer nurse from Talisay City. There were many other volunteers from the Talisay church, the Mactan church, the Babag church and also Cebu Bible College. These volunteers registered, counseled and discussed spiritual matters with the patients, held the patients heads while the dentist worked, set up tables and chairs, and did whatever else was needed. Two volunteers who worked especially hard with food preparation were Margie Pabillon and Bernie Cal. Thanks is also owe d to Joan Caneda, one of the Sitio Didos residents who made arrangements for us to use the facility.

We hope that in the near future we can see some fruit from these labors. Many people were reached, and they know that the dental mission was carried out in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.