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How Did Talisay Come Into Being?

Bro. Wayne Pabillon , the former pulpit minister of Mactan Church of Christ, envisioned a church to be planted at Talisay City, Cebu late months last year. This area, which has an approximate 100,000 population, is ripe for harvesting. Hence, with Gods grace and mighty Hand, Wayne decided to break the grounds!

First, on the month of January 2004, he sought the support of some brethren, local and abroad, who were willing to help. But it did not materialize for some reasons.

Second, he went to Baguio City on February of the same year to present the mission and vision with the Layco family. With Gods intervention and the familys passion for the Lords work, they gladly accepted the challenge to leave their comfort zones and enrich their spiritual life through the Talisay Church Planting Mission. It was indeed a great sacrifice for them but nothing is lost when they are winning, for the Lords cause. Emmanuel Layco, a member of the Baguio Mission Team, is now a full-time worker in Talisay since June.

Third, the La Vernia Church of Christ in the U.S. gave their financial support but since it was not enough, brother Salvador Cariaga added more financial resources by directing his support from Gorman Church of Christ to Talisay so that the mission be a reality. Without their generosity, Talisay Mission could have been just a dream.

Fourth, on April 2004, the Talisay Church Planting Mission started with the help of students from Cebu Bible College. During that time, the work was focused on World Bible School enrolment and prospecting.

Finally, brother Bill Westerberg, a missionary from South Dakota arrived last August 19 to join the team.

As of August 29,2004, the Church of Christ in Talisay has 8 baptisms and have an average attendance of 15 adults, except kids, every Sunday. They meet to worship at Psalm Base, Poblacion, Talisay City, from 3:00-5:00 in the afternoon.
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