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Our History?

The mission fielded two of its missionaries (bro. Danny Medija and Bro. Elmer Palacio) in sitio Radar and henceforth a regular evening devotionals every Thursday (April-June 2002) were held at the Bacante family residence at Radar, Babag II, Lapu-Lapu City. Sister Saturnina neneng Bacante was instrumental in the search of the building, which served as the first worship hall and the preachers house. A lease contract between the owner Mrs. Juanita Berdin and brother Elmer Palacio was then executed on June 14,2002.

The first worship service of the Babag Church of Christ was successfully launched at 3:00 PM on July 7,2002 with 89 worshipers. Majorities of the members of Mactan Congregation were present to extend their support and moral ascendancy. We have conducted activities such as house to house visits in the neighborhood, establishing rapport with Barangay Babag officials during the first two months. For the record, the Babag Congregation has 54 Sundays and 372 days of active Church work since its launching on July 7,2002.

Through concerted efforts and God's blessings, we were able to transfer to a new Church building last February 16,2003. Collaborative endeavors of the congregation are now geared towards improving the building and its premises. These include the children's classroom and the installation of electrical connections.

       Coming Events

Major Coming Events
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