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Sam is a general surgeon and a good painter. He said he chose surgery because it is not much different from painting. He also has a tremendous passion and compassion to serve others through his profession. Besides being in most of the 27 medical missions of "MARCH for Christ" as a volunteer doctor, he conducts his own personal medical missions and operates on poor patients, most often times for free. Desperate brethren in and around Manila hound him for free service. Last year, when I visited him, he was broke and burned out. He enrolled as a nurse and planned to go to the US or Canada to make ends meet (Over 2,000 Filipino doctors go abroad every year). Being a church planter, missionary trainer, and opportunist that I am, I do not want to see him do that. The church can USE him for better purposes and like ALL dedicated Christians, he wants to be used for the glory of God.

Sam does not need much to continue doing what he is doing (he has not asked me for help). With his skills and profession, it is a matter of time before he will make more money than most people here and still spend most of his time serving the poor. I heard him speak in Sri Lanka. The volunteers were getting tired. There was pressure from the locals against sharing the gospel. One organizer told me in a nice but firm way not to distribute WBS flyers of any kind. Sam's message to the weary and fearful team the following day was full of boldness and conviction. I love and was proud of him before. After hearing him that day, I was convinced that he has to continue serving in the Philippines as a missionary doctor and I will use whatever means to help him do good works here.

If you wish to help Sam continue doing medical mission in the Philippines please let me or him know. You can contact him at samcariaga@yahoo.com If you wish to know more about Sam, you can contact Chito Cusi (MARCH President) at lpcusi@yahoo.com or Dr. Lynda Wee of Singapore at lyn_wee@yahoo.com

In Him,

Salvador Cariaga

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