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Ramon and Pasay Medical Mission 

Last October 15, Ramon Church of Christ conducted a free medical service to 100 patients. Medicines were provided by the M.A.R.C.H for Christ and WBS fyers were also given. Members of the church provided the orderly flow of patients, assisting the medical team, counseling and cooking our meals. Dr. Josephine Lopez an OB-GYNE specialist did the ob-gyne procedures and medical consultations while I did the surgical operations. One patient had a 10x6cm. occipital soft tissue mass for 42 years and we just operated on him for 42 minutes under local anesthesia. Many people are suffering with these masses because they can't afford the procedure.

Today, Pasay Church of Christ conducted a one day medical mission and treated 124 patients. Again the M.A.R.C.H. provided for the medicines. Dr Arlene Mary Balasbas, a pediatrician took care of almost all the patients while I did the surgical excision of masses.
The church was also active in distributing WBS flyers, counseling, dispensing of medicines, and taking care of patients vital signs.

To all who supported these missions and future missions, we would like to thank youand may God bless you more.
To God we all serve and praise!


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