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Posters from Children of Tsunami Victims of Sri Lanka
collected by Dr. Sammy Cariaga and Minie Lagria

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My Sri Lanka and Indonesia trips were sad and wonderful experiences for me.

Although I have treated many patients it also heals my struggling Christian spirit witnessing the sufferings of humanity and encouraged by the zeal and dedication of my co-workers in Christ.

I also realize that we are more blessed than those people who suffered so much losing their material things, their loved ones, and traumatized by the memories of such an unforgettable event.

In Sri Lanka, I witnessed those children who draw pictures of horrible stories and went crazy running away in different directions when somebody falsely announced that another tsunami is coming.

Children become fatherless or motherless, parents who lost their children or the whole a family totally wiped out from the face of the earth.

But as we treated those patients we still see the smiles on their faces, a flicker of hope, as we extend our hands of compassion and showing to them that there is one up there who cares for them.

Dr. Sam Cariaga. Sam made two trips to Sri Lanka as a part of MARCH for Christ Mission.


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