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Sam is a general surgeon and a good painter. He said he chose surgery because it is not much different from painting. He also has a tremendous passion and compassion to serve others through his profession. Besides being in most of the 27 medical missions of "MARCH for Christ" as a volunteer doctor, he conducts his own personal medical missions and operates on poor patients, most often times for free. Desperate brethren in and around Manila hound him for free service. Last year, when I visited him, he was broke and burned out. He enrolled as a nurse and planned to go to the US or Canada to make ends meet (Over 2,000 Filipino doctors go abroad every year). Being a church planter, missionary trainer, and opportunist that I am, I do not want to see him do that. The church can USE him for better purposes and like ALL dedicated Christians, he wants to be used for the glory of God. more...


How to Help Leyte Landslide Survivors 


Makati Medical Mission
This is the Makati church one day surgical mission done last saturday catering 27 patients and 11 of them were operated. Another madical clinic was done yesterday with Dr. Blasbas.




Iligan Medical Mission (March 13, 2006)

Two day ago, the Ilagan church ministered by Bro. Baldomino Lagua hosted a one day medical mission where 72 patients were treated (4 minor operations, 46 consultations, 22 dental patients by Dr Meldy Javonillo Palitayan). more...


Dr. Sam's Mobile Medical Mission

Over the last few days, I witnessed Dr. Sam Cariaga run a one-man mobile hospital in five different sites. He sets up the pharmacy, arranges the instruments, organizes the makeshift "operating room," and in less than 30 minutes, he is working on his first patient. Without the help of even a nurse, he can run a mobile mission clinic with precision and efficiency, treating 20-30 patients a day, all by himself.


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Medical Mission:
Adventure in Pakistan

When Brother Chito Cusi (M.A.R.C.H. President) and Miss Helen Caranza (Mission Coordinator) informed me of the Pakistan mission to help the earthquake victims, at first I was a little bit hesitant because it is a Muslim country and its negative impression to the outside world. Besides, I already promised my wife to stay put since Im always out of the country from the time the Asian tsunami happened.

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First Mission to Sri Lanka
My Sri Lanka and Indonesia trips were sad and wonderful experiences for me. Although I treated many patients while there, this experience healed my struggling Christian spirit.
I witnessed the terrible sufferings of humanity and was encouraged by the zeal and dedication of my co-workers in Christ. I also realized that we are more blessed than those people who suffered so much --- those who lost their material things, their loved ones, and were traumatized by the memories of such unforgettable events.more...

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2nd Mission to Sri Lanka
I didn't expect that I will be back to Sri Lanka for the 2nd time because of it's distance and I already attended so many missions this year compared to the previous years. This 2nd mission was a unique one because we were composed of 3 waves, and I belonged to the 2nd group which is composed of 5 people with only 2 doctors. The 1st group were responsible of establishing that there is a free medical clinic in Galle located in a church building. For the 1st 2 weeks the 1st group with the leadership of brother Cusi distributed flyers house to house and treating patients averaging around 50 patients per day. more...




Ramon and Pasay Medical Mission 
Last October 15, Ramon Church of Christ conducted a free medical service to 100 patients. Medicines were provided by the M.A.R.C.H for Christ and WBS fyers were also given. Members of the church provided the orderly flow of patients, assisting the medical team, counseling and cooking our meals.

REPORT FROM SRI LANKA by Salvador Cariaga

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