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Ilagan Medical Mission
(March 13, 2006)

Two day ago, the Ilagan church ministered by Bro. Baldomino Lagua hosted a one day medical mission where 72 patients were treated (4 minor operations, 46 consultations, 22 dental patients by Dr Meldy Javonillo Palitayan).
Bro. Bert Brania from Bambang N.E. and Bro. Rogelio Barroga from Santiago City was there assisting patients in their spiritual side and distributing WBS flyers.
Sister Rose Lagua a renal failure patient herself undergoing weekly hemodialysis was very active in encouraging patients, setting up bible studies and preparing our meals. All the family and the church members were there contributing their own talents.
Because of this one day mission, they will have a hard time following up patients who agreed to have bible studies in their homes.
All medicines were provided mostly by M.A.R.C.H. and from Salvador's mission fund. Some of the medicines were excess out of our missions from Mindanao and Leyte. Just to mention the medicines used in Leyte were purchased from Good News Medical Clinic and Ms. Gay Calica gave me a 50% discount.
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